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Hot Springs Pool
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Hot Springs Pool
at Fountain Of Youth RV Park
Located in the south wnd of the Big Horn Basin just north of Thermopolis, Wyoming. The Fountain of Youth Recreational Vehicle Park boasts the third largest hot mineral pool in the world. The pool is fed by the Sacajawea "hot springs", well named for the Indian squaw who led Lewis and Clark to the Pacific. At an elevation of 3,947 feet, our bone warming 100 degree fahrenheit (37.8 C) pool will make you forget about your daily worries.
Call 307-864-3265
to make your reservations for your stay
and relaxing soaking in our pool!
The well was drilled in 1918 by C. F. Cross in a search for oil. Instead of oil, hot mineral water was struck. The pressure was so great that it destroyed the derrick when it came in. Currently, the well flows at the rate of 1.3 million gallons of 128 degree water each 24 hours. Eventually the water formed the colorful travertine formation which you now see.
The pool measures 235 feet by 72 feet and holds 84,600 cubic feet of water. With 1.3 million gallons flowing from the Sacajawea every 24 hours, the water in the pool is exchanged every 11 hours. The hot mineral waters have been known to help many physical disorders, are wonderfully relaxing, and they serve to greatly ease tension and occupational fatigue. Many have found that, though not actually being sick, the benefits from the pool make such a big difference in the way they feel that they extend their one-day getaway into a hot water week.
The Fountain of Youth hosts between 75-100 baptisms each year from local churches and conventions and is the summer home of many "snow birds". The "liars" tree, the oldest Chinese Elm in Wyoming, is a great place to enjoy swapping stories with your newfound friends. But be careful, the tree has ears.
Our pools are 92-106 degrees.....3 levels of temperature.
Handicap access for all to enjoy the pools.

The showers and bath house are shown on the left in the back of this photo.
The wall surrounding the end of the pool gives privacy and nice
wind block. There are lounge chairs and benches surrounding the
east side of the pool.

shows fountain feeding the pool up close
Chemical analysis of Fountain of Youth pools
Silica (SiO2) 34   Hardness (CaCO3)
Calcium (Ca) 76   Strontium (St)
Sodium (Na) 227   Lithium(Li)
Bicarbonate (HCO) 766   Barium(Ba)
Chloride (Cl) 300   Aluminum (Al)
Nitrate (NO3) 1   Titanium (Ti)
Iron (Fe) 3   Zinc (Zn)
Magnesium (Mg) 76   Tungsten (W)
Potassium (K) 46   Vanadium (V)
Sulfate (SO4) 740   Thorium (Th)
Fluoride (Fl) 3.7   Boron (B)
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 4.5  

Total Dissolved Solids = 2373
Cool night time show........
Fountain Of Youth RV Park
250 North Highway 20
Just 10 minutes from Hot Springs State Park and Downtown Thermopolis
Thermopolis, Wyoming 82443
(307) 864-3265